Success Stories

Amber Deutsch 

Army National Guard

Assistant Marketing Director, American Pest Control, Inc.

Athens, GA

Amber Deutsch joined the Army National Guard when she was 17 and served as a cook for six years. According to Amber, “The biggest takeaway from my military service was learning how to think on my feet…how to make decisions quickly.”

When Amber was in high school, she looked up to her JROTC instructor LTC. Tom Taylor. “He was my inspiration to join the military,” Amber said. Another inspiration to Amber since she has left the military has been CEO of American Pest Control, Laurie Higginbotham. “It is really cool that American Pest Control is owned by a woman. Pest management is a male-dominated industry, and to work for a female-owned business in this industry is inspiring. I am blessed to be thriving in this industry and working at American Pest Control,” Amber said.

Amber started working at American Pest Control as a customer service representative. “I chose this company because it was a family-owned business where I could help people. I progressed from customer service to my position now as the assistant marketing director.” Amber explained how, in her opinion, the pest control industry is fascinating because employees are essentially investigators trying to solve people’s pest problems. As a marketing team member, her job is to educate potential customers on just how American Pest Control can help bring them peace of mind.

Not only did Amber’s career blossom in the pest control industry, but so did her personal life. Amber met her now-husband Andy Deutsch at American Pest Control, where they both worked, in 2016.  “He is and was a technician. We met, fell in love, and got married. We are both still here and joke that we are true American Sweethearts,” said Amber.

When PestVets asked Amber how her experience in the military prepared her for a career in pest management she asserted, “In pest management because we are a regulated industry, there are protocols and rules that have to be followed. Being former military, I think of regulations as second nature. I tend to thrive in that environment”.

Amber believes that: “Marketing is all about educating and empowering our customers. We try to empower them to make educated decisions, so we can help protect their health and property.”

Amber enjoys the warm, welcoming, family-owned environment at American Pest Control. “One thing that was difficult about being in the military is that there is so much structure. Transitioning from that structure to a warm and inviting type of workplace was a great change of pace. But there are similarities in pest control and the military, the biggest of which being regulations.”

Amber recommends members of the military use their creative thinking to help them transition to pest management. “My biggest piece of advice is to think outside the box, as there is a lot more to the industry than being a technician. As I went from being a cook in the army to marketing in pest control, I had to be creative. When you look deeper, the skills translate,” Amber said.

When PestVets asked, “Do you recommend Veterans join the pest control industry?” Amber enthusiastically replied, “I definitely do! We have a lot of Veterans and former law enforcement in the industry. Veterans thrive in this profession because they are following a standard of procedures and rules and solving problems. Veterans are more inclined to look at the problem from a different perspective to quickly and effectively solve a customer’s pest issue.”

Amber concluded by saying that her military service shapes everything she does. “It has shaped the way that I parent. I like structure in my house with my kids. They call me a drill sergeant! (Although my former drill sergeants would disagree.) The military trains you to take pride in everything you do and carry yourself a certain way. These are things that I strive to do every day personally and professionally.



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