Success Stories

J. Bryan Cooksey, III
President, McCall Service, Inc.

So many of my experiences have prepared me – but there are three key things that stand out: leadership; calmness under fire; and creating a sense of purpose in others through achieving the company mission and being a part of something bigger than themselves.  Other things that I learned through my experience in the military include effectively managing my time, being goal oriented, never saying never, taking care of your soldiers and understanding their limits, not overextending your resources or supply, always telling the truth and living by a code of ethics, sharing in the planning and execution of the mission, expecting what you inspect, managing by walking around and visiting the troops, doing the difficult missions and building a team that believes in their ability to do whatever mission they are assigned no matter how difficult, teaching team first and holding each other accountable. And, I always remember that on a bad day at work you still get to come home. Keep your day in perspective and always be thankful for what your veterans on active assignments are doing for you every single day. Click here to learn more about Bryan.


Adam Draime
Pest Management Professional, Bruce Terminix

My experience in the military helps me on a daily basis. The military taught me how to be confident in myself which makes me a better service provider to our customers. It taught me leadership skills which I use daily to help motivate my team. I never forget where I have been and what I have accomplished, which keeps me motivated and constantly striving to better myself!  Click here to learn more about Adam.


Chris McNeill

Service Technician, Yankee Pest Control, Malden, MA

Chris came to Yankee Pest Control fresh out of the Airforce. He served six years in the Air Force from 8/2009 – 8/20015, traveling from Maguire AFB in NJ, to Ramstein AFB, Germany and Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls, Montana.

Chris was a pest control service technician while serving in the Air Force, a 3E4E3. He was trained and carried a DOD license to applicate pesticides in a half a dozen categories.

Returning to his home town in Malden, MA, Chris began seeking employment and did not know where to turn. He called the Animal Control Officer at the police department to see if they were hiring. Being well ingrained in the local Boston communities, the local officer was well aware of our veteran friendly company and he was quickly directed to our office. Chris presented himself as a professional and educated in his trade.

At the time the state of Massachusetts did not have a policy in place transferring DOD licenses to MA Department of Agriculture pesticide applicator licenses. However, there was a policing for DOD plumbers and the like to have the license transferred over to a state license. A few phone calls later and Chris was gainfully employed at our family’s business and the state of MA had a new protocol to ensure returning veterans where able to get right to work with MDAR state licenses.

Chris has been with the company for two years and has been nothing but a pleasure to deal with. We receive raving reviews on Chris from satisfied customers on his tact and professionalism when dealing with their pest control needs.

He is utilizing his GI and is attending UMASS Lowell, where he appeared on the dean’s list this past semester.





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